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Excerpts from “Life of Pi”


Piscine Molitor “Pi” Patel shares his insights when relaying the story of his adventure. It’s worth giving some thought to his words, as they are really quite profound:

“No one has seen that floating island since. And you won’t read about those trees in any nature book. And yet, if I hadn’t found those shores, I would have died. And if I hadn’t discovered that tooth, I would have been lost…alone forever. Even when God seemed to have abandoned me, He was watching. Even when He seemed indifferent to my suffering, He was watching. And when I was beyond all hope of saving, He gave me rest. And he gave me a sign to continue my journey.”

“Richard Parker, my fierce companion, the terrible one who kept me alive – disappearedĀ forever from my life. I was weeping because Richard Parker left me so unceremoniously. It broke my heart. My father was right – after all we had been through, he didn’t even look back. But I have to believe there was more in his eyes than my own reflections staring back at me. I know it, I felt it, even if I can’t prove it.

I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go. But what always hurts the most, is not taking a moment to say goodbye.”

It takes courage to look at yourself, and own all your shortcomings…for it is in facing the truth, that we are able to change. To quote a jaded quote, the truth will indeed set you free!

“If your life is worth living…

“If your life is worth living, it’s worth recording.” Tony Robbins.

Communicate your experiences, thoughts and feelings, and you may discover that you have more in common with others than you could ever have imagined.

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